Flashback Friday | Washington, DC Creative Lifestyle Photographer

I can’t believe the first week of September is gone already! This year is flying by…

So I turned 25 on Monday and with that came a bit of reflection when I realized that just 3 years ago I’d just been laid off and was wondering how things were going to work out… I would soon find out that being laid off was one of the best things that ever happened to me! Over the past 3 years I’ve been able to take a mere hobby I practiced on the side to a full-fledged business! I honestly can hardly believe it sometimes, but I am so thankful for my family (parents especially) and friends for helping me along the way. I could truly go on longer with this topic, but I will save that for another time :)

I have quite a few exciting things to share this coming week, but for now I want to share a few of my images over the years (this is a Flashback Friday post!) so you can get a get a glimpse at how far things have come in 3 years :)

And just as a bonus… here are a couple of my absolute favorite photos in 2009:

Clearly I’ve always had a thing for graffiti lol… Fast-forward a few years, and here’s a 2012 version of how I do graffiti :)

I would be remiss if I didn’t take time to thank all of my lovely clients, supporters, admirers, etc in addition to my family and friends because without you all, I would not have a successful business! Well let me stop before I get too emotional lol… I hope you guys have a great weekend :)

PS- Get ready for some awesomeness come next week!!