First Time For Everything | Little Rock, AR Natural Light Photography Mentor

Fair warning: This is a LONG post. Full of good stuff though, so dig in! 

A little over a month ago, I took my first business trip of 2014- Little Rock, AR for my first group mentor session! Last year I decided that I didn’t just want to be a DC photographer… I wanted to travel, and I did! Just a little bit, but it was amazing to get out of DC and actually meet the faces behind the names I see on facebook, instagram, and twitter. I wouldn’t have imagined that I would be traveling this time around to TEACH, but this past year led my business in a different direction and I couldn’t be happier :)

I got together with 5 talented ladies for a photography mentor session and we had such a good time learning and sharing- it was a wonderful day! Why was it so wonderful you ask? Well, below they will share why in their own words, but for me? I really enjoyed it because I was able to see in real time, these 5 photographers improve their shooting style over the course of just a few hours! Helping them streamline their shooting process and really embrace what THEY like was a beautiful thing 

So what did we do? We got together over breakfast and covered the first part of the agenda- making sure that we hit on the various areas that each of them needed assistance with. What’s great about the group setting is that there is always some overlap so you walk away learning more than you expected! From there we went out to put those things in practice!

With a typical one-on-one mentor session, we have models but with a group, we are the models :) During this time, we location scout as I photograph each member of the group and explain what I’m doing along the way. Everyone has a chance to take their own photos as well and because it’s a small group, no one has to fight for space :)


“I absolutely LOVED the mentor session! I really appreciated the group size & how Danielle took time for each of us. We all felt very comfortable with her & each other. Everything was extremely professional but not stuffy, laid back but not sloppy, a perfect balance. I feel it was definitely worth every penny!”

-Shira Crew


“I attended a group mentoring session with 4 other girls. The experience was fantastic. I felt like Danni was very engaging to everyone in the group. The information was plentiful and the materials that were handed out were very helpful as well. I’m also thankful that we actually got to shoot together as it added a tangible element to the workshop. This was definitely a great opportunity for me, someone who doesn’t live in the DC area, but wanted to attend a mentoring session. I walked away from the session with a feeling of confidence that I could improve my work based on the techniques that I learned that day! :)”

-Selyna Buie


“My experience with DFinney Photography & Design was absolutely AWESOME!  I loved the professionalism from the inquiry to the end of the session.  I also loved the detailed information and hands on learning experience of the technical aspect of photography and also shooting photos of the other group members.  DFinney’s workflow and outline of events, has allowed me to feel confident in remembering what to do the next time I shoot.  Also I have developed my own workflow of how a photo shoot session should have a timeline and to always be consistent each time.  Thank you DFinney for giving me that push to take my business to the next level.”

-Traci Reid


So… did I mention it was cold? I don’t think I mentioned it was cold. Well let me tell you… It was COLD! Lol. It was in the 30’s but it definitely felt like the 20’s with the wind chill. So we happened to stumble upon this cute little cafe and we finished up this part of our session indoors. So thankful we were able to shoot in here!


“I had such a great experience at the group mentor session. Interacting with everyone eased my anxiety about my communication style with my clients and streamlined the way I see light and find my exposure. I appreciated the intimate feel and size of the group. I truly felt like I walked away with a budding sisterhood. I’ve never experienced that at any other workshop. We learned, we shot, we explored and encouraged one another. Wonderful experience wish I could do it again lol.”

-Keyonna Renea


“I had a great time during my group mentoring session. It was great being with other photographers on the small scale and learning not only from you but from them as well. I’m so happy that it worked out for you to come here, because it was truly at the right time for me and my business. If I could only take away one thing from the session were the fail-proof systems that I learned. For awhile, I’ve been struggling with creating systems for myself to keep me on track and help with my shooting flow and workflow. That alone was worth the price of admission (fortunately I learned way more than that!).”

-Kortney Hinton


After our practice session, we grabbed a late lunch, did some editing and discussed a little business. So now these ladies know just how simple I keep things editing-wise and that what you see here is pretty close to what comes out of the camera. When all was said and done, our group session was about 7 hours I think? I can’t remember lol. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better group to kick this off with and I can’t wait to see their photography businesses flourish even further 

If you’ve made it to the end, yayyy! Let me know what you thought of the recap :)


Interested in attending the next group mentor session? Check out the upcoming dates and email me ASAP to secure your spot!