February Recap


Happy Tuesday loves!

This post has been a month in the making lol… I’ve been meaning to post each of these things individually but the time kept getting away from me and once you see everything that’s been going on this month you’ll see why.

I hope February has been treating you well! Aside from the RIDICULOUS amount of winter weather we’ve been getting, and the small amount of rest I’ve been getting, it’s been pretty good… extremely busy, but good. 

This month was full of firsts for me and I can’t be more excited about the direction DFinney Photography is moving in :)

Let’s get our month recap started, shall we?

The month kicked off with Lauren on FEB 1. She came down from NY for her mentor session and we had so much fun! No, we’re not sisters but EVERYONE has said we have to be, so we’re embracing it now lol. 


Setarra & Charles were our lovely models for Lauren’s session and they couldn’t have been any more perfect!!


After wrapping up Lauren’s session, I headed home to finish packing because the next day I was headed to Little Rock for my first ever group mentor session! Monday, FEB 3 came and I met up with these 5 lovely ladies! 


We had SUCH a great time despite the cold and it made me really excited about the fact that I’m offering group mentoring sessions now!


After a cancelled flight, an extra night in Little Rock, and another flight delay, I finally made it back home to try and catch up on some work… Next shoot? Headshots with CJJ on FEB 11. These ladies were wonderful to work with and I’m so happy they were willing to brave the cold for a sec in exchange for great photos :)


Are you tired yet? Cause I am and it’s only MID-MONTH! Lol. What’s next?

If I’ve spoken to you recently, no doubt it’s come up in conversation that my girlfriend is getting married in March and I’m one of her bridesmaids… Along with that comes bridesmaid duties, one of which is event planning, and in my case, event design. Yayyyy (Was the sarcasm evident?) Lol I have a love/hate relationship with event design because while I love pretty things, the amount of work involved to get everything the way it’s supposed to be + my OCD, makes my head hurt. Combined with the amount of things already on my plate for work, and the stress has been REAL. But I was happy to pull things together for my loves and I’m happy that everything turned out nicely for their wedding shower on FEB 15 :)


Yes, there were photos of things other than the bottles lol. But those bottles? Those bottles are my pride and joy because I had to collect them, soak them, clean them, dry them, and spray paint them ALL. So those need all the facetime they can get lol.

The next big thing on the agenda? My very first workshop on FEB 22!!!


This happened on Saturday and I’m still beaming! I got about 4 hours of sleep the night before because I was pulling last minute things together (and generally doing things that I could have done earlier in the week lol) but the big day came and I couldn’t have been happier with how everything went!


My first official branding workshop class! We had such a great time on Saturday. To see the wheels turning as we dug deeper into the topic of branding was such an amazing feeling!


My mom even came! :D Since she wasn’t able to see me in Nashville at Blink, she said she wanted to come to the next one I did at home, and she did :)


You thought that was it? I almost did lol. I came home after such an eventful day and almost no sleep the night before and crashed! Then I remembered I had a shoot the next day.


Sunday, FEB 23 I had a rescheduled headshot session with Bridget! I’m so happy we ended up rescheduling because it was such a beautiful and warm day! The last one we’re going to have until… I don’t even know! It’s currently snowing again :/ Winter is just messing with us at this point and I can’t wait until this season is but a distant memory. Spring where art thou?! Lol

Anyway, so that’s my action-packed February recap! I will have posts for each of the sessions listed above, I just figured it’d be better to do a recap instead of waiting until I can eventually get up the individual posts.

How has your February been?? I look forward to hearing from you!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!