Don't Underestimate the Importance of Makeup

Happy Thursday!

Back in action today with three WEDDING WEEK posts today to make up for my super lateness yesterday :/

So to kick it off today, we’re going to talk about makeup!

This hasn’t been too much of an issue in recent years since I began including makeup with my standard sessions, but sometimes it still comes up, so I figured it was worth sharing this WEDDING WEEK especially since it’s very important for your engagement and wedding photos :)

Here to chat with us today on this topic is one of my fabulous makeup artists: Denyelle of Makeup Art by Denyelle!

Hey guys!

Professional makeup is essential when it comes to your engagement and wedding photos because you want to look like a refined version of yourself. A professional makeup application can help you achieve that picture perfect photo that you’re paying for. Once your makeup is applied, it may seem heavy, but the camera will balance out your look and you’ll look perfect in your photos!


Unless you’re makeup savvy, don’t attempt to do your makeup yourself. A professional makeup artist has been trained to create the perfect look for your specific eye shape, skin tone, and preference. Also, you are most likely a ball of nerves on your wedding day, so the last thing you want to worry yourself with is makeup. So go ahead, get pampered!


It’s always a good idea to schedule your trial run with your chosen makeup artist the day of your e-session. In doing so, you will have an idea of how your makeup will look on camera. In addition, if you want to add anything you can tell your makeup artist to ensure your ceremony look is the perfect representation of you.


When choosing a makeup artist for your wedding there are a few deciding factors that come into play. Know your location (where makeup will be done), your budget, and head count before contacting a prospective makeup artist. Not sure of where to find a makeup artist? Ask a friend, surf Instagram, Facebook, or ask your photographer to refer a trusted MUA.

Hopefully this helps!