DFinney Photgraphy on Essence Magazine!

So I’m a few days late on posting this here, so if you’ve been following on facebook and instagram then you already know :)

Thursday of last week, my photos from the Koils by Nature event (Natural is Not a Fad) were featured on the front page of Essence Online!!


And if you clicked through, you could view the entire gallery of photos:


All 53 of them! It’s still there (just not listed on the front page anymore :) You can check out the gallery HERE.

My credit line is listed incorrectly (there’s no “s” on the end of Design) but I’m willing to forgive that since my work is on Essence!! lol

On a not completely unrelated note, I also wanted to remind anyone who came by the DFinney Photography table at the event to take advantage of the special mini session offer listed on the back of the flyers!


It’s an exclusive offer so anyone interested will need to have the offer code to enter on the booking site :)


Well that’s all… this was a short update, I just wanted to make sure I shared the exciting news with blog readers who may not be on facebook or instagram :)

Have a great week!