DC Group Mentor Session [July 12] | Washington, DC Photography Instructor

Happy Monday! It’s really starting to feel like Fall around here and I don’t think I’m ready :( I’m probably even less ready because I’ve been hearing how bad this winter is supposed to be and I don’t want any part of that lol.

So let’s not think about that lol. There are so many exciting things to share with you guys this week, but I’m going to start off continuing from last week’s group session recap, I have a couple more to share with you guys today :)

Back in July I got together with these lovely ladies for the second DC mentor session and we had a wonderful time! I love how the feel of each of these sessions is different and while we cover the same core items, the day is tailored to the specific needs of everyone.

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“As a previous client, I experienced first hand Danni’s commitment to outstanding customer-focused service, her attention to every detail and most importantly, the high quality of her photographic images. When I decided that it was time to take my photography to the next level, there was no question that Danni was someone who could help me not only to improve the quality of my photography, but also to advance my business goals. I feel that her workshop hit the mark on both counts!

The mentoring experience was great from start to finish! I was very impressed by Danni’s openness and willingness to share a wealth of detailed information in addition to allowing us a peek "behind the curtain” of her business, if you will. She was very encouraging to all of us in support of our business goals, and offered practical, real life pieces of advice tailored to the needs of the group.“
-Stacy Brodie-Dull


"This session with Danielle was an awesome experience. She really helped me have a better understanding of exposure and shooting with natural light. I am thankful for the time and knowledge she has shared.”
-Kim Wilson


We had a random passerby hop in one of Kim’s shots lol. I love the randomness of DC sometimes ;)


“After reading about Danielle’s journey towards becoming an experienced photographer, finding a photography niche she truly loved and excelled at, and seeing the great work she has produced so far, I knew she would be a great resource and instructor to help me reach the next level in my own work. 

The mentoring experience was phenomenal. Danielle presented herself as a knowledgeable photographer, and engaging and patient instructor who is honest about her own journey, strengths and weaknesses. I love that she makes the session participants feel at ease and encourages them to ask questions, try new techniques and share their thoughts on the fundamentals of good photography.”
-Crystal Davis


One of my absolute favorite mentor session images ^_^ I’m normally not able to get in a real (non-selfie) photo with them, so I LOVED how this one turned out :)


If you’re interested in participating in the next group mentor session and would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself, email me today! View more information on the photographer education options offered here!