DC 102 Group Session [May 9] | Washington, DC Photography Instructor

*peeks in* So I didn’t intend for part 2 to be so late, but hey- I’m showing some love for the night crowd lol!

Next up? 102! It was a great day with Ruby & Martin as we went into depth on how they can best get their businesses to the next level! Plus- new headshots! This was especially important for Martin as we kept messing with him about his (then) current headshot.


He gave me permission to share the top photo, but this super clearly emphasizes the point of why a great headshot is important. The top didn’t convey at all how warm Martin’s personality is! So I was super glad we were able to remedy that with some new photos for him and Ruby (creator of Brown Girl with a Camera) as well :)


Hear from Martin on his two-day mentoring experience!

“My workshop experience was fantastic. Danielle has a real gift in teaching. There were different levels of experience at the workshop and Danielle had no problem making sure that everyone learned what we needed and no one felt out of place or too advanced for the class. It was a joy to work with the other attendees and share in everyone’s aha moments.

They say that it’s the skill of the photographer and not the camera that makes a good photo and Danielle proceed to show us how true this statement really is. She shared with us her personal style of arriving at the proper exposure and white balance constantly in any situation. This was not only a game changer for me it was also a money saver because I learned I didn’t need any of the gadgets I had my eye on. The post-processing blew me away! Danielle makes everything seems so effortless. I learned that all I really need for an awesome photo shoot is my camera and a maybe a stepladder!“

-Martin Johnson

You have no idea how happy this makes me! I am super glad you found the classes to be so easy to follow and informative! And I have really been enjoying the wonderful work you’ve been producing :)

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