Brooklyn 101 Group Session [May 1] | Washington, DC Photography Mentor

Happy Mentor Monday!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend and are ready to tackle the new week with purpose! *strong arm emoji* lol. I have two fun recaps for you guys today- my Brooklyn group sessions from May!

First up is the 101 session where the mentees learned all about natural light! I used one of the same locations I did for Nicole’s session the day before because I couldn’t resist this beautiful bright building! And it would just so happen that both of our models for each day had on black and blue :)


Hear from our lovely model Latrice on her experience:

“I had such an amazing time with Danielle, Ty, Vera and Stacey. I felt so comfortable and completely forgot that the cameras were there. For someone who is camera shy, that was a huge relief! 5n Thank you so much to everyone!”

Thank YOU Latrice! You were such a joy to work with :)

If you would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself and participate in the next group mentor session, check out full details here, including upcoming cities and dates, and email me today if you’re interested in attending!