Atlanta Recap

Happy Wednesday!

Well rested?? I am! Lol. I will stop eventually but for now I’m just really excited like I discovered something new- sleep really works guys! Lol

Anyway I was looking forward to this post as soon as my Atlanta trip  began last week because I could feel it was going to be awesome, and it was! Since announcing the change in my mentor session structuring, Atlanta was my first stop of 2015 and my first time holding both sessions.

The first was Mentor Session 101 on Thursday and it was wonderful! We had such a warm group and I really enjoyed working with everyone. These are some of my absolute favorite sessions to do because I loveee helping people see just how SIMPLE taking great photos can be :)


New this year is having a model for the practice session and we couldn’t have asked for a better model, Aeleise was so good! For someone who hasn’t modeled before (and doesn’t generally like taking pictures), she did a fabulous job! She was a trooper as well because it was fairly chilly, but you couldn’t tell at all from her photos! *Fab makeup by Stephanie*


Group selfie time! Now I totally failed in this regard because I forgot to get a group shot with my REAL camera, but at least I got a selfie so this will have to suffice :) With a special guest appearance by Stephanie in the back lol.


Next up? Mentor Session 102 on Friday! Group selfie pictured above :)

This was my very first 102 class! So these are the founding members lol. And as Traci reminded me, she was actually in my very first group mentor session in February of last year in Little Rock! It’s so great to have such awesome clients, I really do appreciate you Traci :)


I think these sessions are going to quickly become my faves because not only do I get to work with previous clients again, but we really get into the meat of owning and operating a successful business! This is not to say that we solve all problems in 7-8 hours, but it is to say that the attendees leave so much more equipped to take their businesses to the next level. BUT don’t take my word for it! (I feel like that’s my favorite thing to say lol)

Ebony, my very first two-day mentee attended both 101 and 102 together and walked away with nothing but great things to say:


“I was a little hesitant that the workshops may be geared more towards photographers with less technical and business experience. However I think you did a brilliant job at adapting the sessions to meet the skill levels of everyone in the group. I liked the pre-questionnaire because it forced me to sit down and really think about what I wanted most out of each session. I really appreciated your candidness and sincerity; as well as your openness in sharing the real work that went (and continues to go) into building your portfolio and your business. Many photographers seem less open in that regards and that was EXTREMELY helpful for me and really helped me be a peace with where I am in my photography journey… I also noted, and appreciated, all the other small details that made the experience even more enjoyable (i.e. the icing details)- branded study guides and notebooks, pens, LOTS of snacks -winning!!-:), the complimentary headshots- option for make-up. You thought of everything- and please know that it did not go unnoticed. Thank you!!

Ebony, I can’t thank you enough ♥ Hearing and seeing how beneficial these sessions are makes all the work that goes into it, more than worth it.

Not only did she write this amazing review though, she also wrote an awesome recap on her blog! PLEASE go check this out, because I honestly think this recap will put mine to shame (whenever I post it) lol. Let’s also acknowledge and appreciate the fact that she got this review up (and photos edited) in just two days following her session- homegirl is fired up and I love it! Lol 

After an action-packed two full days of teaching I was pooped! Lol but not done with Atlanta just yet, on the following two days I had a couple sessions with Kia of Without Rival 


and Mae- better known as Natural Chica


It was such a pleasure to work with her again as our last session together was back in 2012! And amazingly, those photos are still used for her brand today! :D I can’t’ wait to share her full maternity session because these photos are seriously perfect and this is not an understatement lol. You know my love for walls and we stumbled upon THE most perfect wall for her that we could have ever found.

Well that’s it for my long and rambling recap lol. Hope you enjoyed reading :) Stay tuned tomorrow for a brand new artist spotlight! 

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