ATL 102 Group Session [Feb 6] | Washington, DC Photography Instructor

Happy Monday loves!

I hope everyone is enjoying the fact that we’re *finally* having Spring weather :) I can’t wait until these 70 degree temps are the norm!

I have mucho mentoring recaps to share today so this will be a true Mentor Monday :)

Last Monday I shared the recap from my first session of 2015 in Atlanta and today I have the recap from Session 102! Since the second day was added just this year, this was actually our first official Session 102 and it was absolutely wonderful! 

We covered all things business- branding, marketing, pricing, what to offer, taxes & insurance,  social media, contracts, and anything else you can think of!


It was so great working with Traci again who was part of my very first group session last year in Little Rock! She is one of my founding mentees x2! ^_^ 


And it was great linking up with Nicole again as well! I worked with Nicole the last time I was in Atlanta for an unexpectedly intimate group session :) 


Ebony was my very first two-day mentee and she had nothing but awesome things to say after attending:

“I was a little hesitant that the workshops may be geared more towards photographers with less technical and business experience. However I think you did a brilliant job at adapting the sessions to meet the skill levels of everyone in the group. I liked the pre-questionnaire because it forced me to sit down and really think about what I wanted most out of each session. I really appreciated your candidness and sincerity; as well as your openness in sharing the real work that went (and continues to go) into building your portfolio and your business. Many photographers seem less open in that regards and that was EXTREMELY helpful for me and really helped me be a peace with where I am in my photography journey… I also noted, and appreciated, all the other small details that made the experience even more enjoyable (i.e. the icing details)- branded study guides and notebooks, pens, LOTS of snacks -winning!!-:), the complimentary headshots- option for make-up. You thought of everything- and please know that it did not go unnoticed. Thank you!!”

Ebony, I can’t thank you enough ♥ Hearing and seeing how beneficial these sessions are makes all the work that goes into it, more than worth it!

Here are the rest of the headshots from our session!


If you would like to have the DFinney Experience yourself and participate in the next group mentor session, check out full details here, upcoming cities and dates here, and email me today if you’re interested in attending!