A Little Summertime Fun | Washington, DC Senior Photographer

Happy Tuesday!

As promised, I have a little summertime warmth to bring your way on this cold afternoon. I can’t believe it’s not even officially winter yet! After Saturday we’ll officially be in winter, although it’s felt like January for almost the past month!

Anyway, let’s take our mind off the cold a bit and remember the warmth and sun of September!

I had been wanting to take pictures at a carnival for a while now and I finally was able to make it happen this year! Thanks to these lovely ladies for being available for my last minute idea and to Denyelle for their beautiful natural makeup. Reva, Anna, Emily, and I had such a great time that afternoon! They were the perfect group of friends and embodied the exact feeling I wanted to convey with a shoot like this :)


Aren’t they adorable? Thank you again to Reva, Anna, and Emily for helping me out with this!

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