A Colorful Music Monday | OK Go

Happy Monday!

Back in action this week with a full week of newness for the blog :) Gonna start out today with a colorful Music Monday share! 

This video?! <- Video link in case the embed below doesn’t show up

I canNOT get over the overflowing amounts of awesomeness in this video! I remember seeing this for the first time a few years ago and just being in awe at the superbly matched wardrobe with the scenery and the beautiful song. I can’t remember if this video was my first introduction to OK Go, or if I found it later, but I do know that it has not stopped being one of my most favorite things ever lol.

My love for color, texture, and artful coordination fuel my love for this video aaaand this beautiful work by Imani Amos from her #colorFULL #trippytriptychs project. She totally deserves her own post, but I am obligated to share these awesome images because they are so perfect and remind me of this video so that’s my excuse ;)


I love that OK Go always has a creative and colorful music video to accompany their songs. Here is another one of my favorites, but (if you have time) go check out their YouTube channel and all of their awesome videos! 

I say if you have time because you might just find yourself losing 20+ minutes watching videos. Some of them are downright mesmerizing… The symmetry, colors, choreography, music… everything is awesome! <- bonus points for you if you sang The Lego Movie song just then lol.

That’s it for today! 

I hope you enjoyed this colorful Music Monday post :) Stay tuned for Truthy Tuesday tomorrow!