7 Years of DFinney Photography | Truthy Tuesday

Good Tuesday Afternoon to you ❤  

I just wanted to pop in with a quick (and overdue) Truthy Tuesday!  

Earlier this month, I quietly celebrated 7 years of DFinney Photography. And by quietly, I mean did nothing at all lol.  

There was no big celebration, no business special, no event... just thankfulness that I've been blessed with wonderful clients who have helped ensure the longevity of DFinney Photography.

It is no small thing to have an idea and to see it through to fruition- not solely because of your own efforts, but largely due to the consistent support of friends, family, clients, and even those "silent" supporters who may not have ever worked with me themselves, but who have referred folks my way. I see you ALL and I appreciate you tremendously!

Each year when my business anniversary rolls around words fail when I try to express just how grateful I am... and this year- well, today, specifically- I don't even have the mental energy to try lol.

Soo I'm going to share a quick look back at my 2009 vs 2016 :) A small sample of images from a few different portrait sessions where you can get a good look at how far things have come in the past 7 years!

If you'd like more information on HOW I was able to improve so drastically, check out this recent Throwback Thursday post on "Seeing the Light", and you can also check out my mentoring programs if you'd like to improve your natural light photography as well!

Back to the topic at hand :) Even though my earlier work (now) leaves much to desired when compared to the new, at no point during these past 7 years did I feel guilty for work I presented, because at the time, it was my best! So I am extremely thankful for the clients who have grown with me and who have allowed me the space to do so.

So thank you, thank you...

and I look forward to many more to come :)

-Danni ❤