3 Years + 100 Mentees | Mentor Monday

Happy Monday beautiful people!

Has it really been almost a full month since my last post? *hides face* Well I’m back today and plan to end the year on a high note :)

Today’s post is a very special one to me. This past weekend in DC, I wrapped up my last mentoring sessions for the year! On Saturday, I also realized that November officially made it 3 years that I’ve been teaching! And with the attendees this past weekend, I reached the 100 mark. One.hundred.people… have learned from little ol’ me! I can hardly believe it! But I am so super thankful and appreciative of every single one of you.

When I first began teaching I had no idea it would blossom into what it is now. November 2012 I had my very first mentor session. I offered half-day one-on-one mentoring where we would go over natural light photography basics, take headshots, and have a practice session with a model of their choosing. It soon became a full day session where we discussed more than the basics. We covered how to find the correct exposure each time, good client practices, and my entire editing process was shared as well.


February 2014, I held my first group mentor session! It was great to now teach in a collaborative group environment. To practice their new skills, the mentees photographed each other and these photos could then be used for each of their businesses :)


These sessions quickly became a favorite and I was able to travel and teach not only in DC, but in Atlanta, Chicago, Brooklyn, and LA to name a few! It was such a pleasure to work with soo many great photographers in such a warm and helpful environment.


February 2015, I modified the group mentoring to what it is now. The existing program (now to be called Session 101) would include a practice session with a model, and the newly created Session 102 would be all about business!


This change has been phenomenal. The growth I’ve seen with the photographers I’ve worked with has been simply amazing! Not only that but this year has connected me with far more photographers than ever before! The model for each practice session has her makeup done professionally so I’m very thankful that I’ve also been able to connect with amazing makeup artists all across the country!


Not to be forgotten are the one-on-one sessions! Where it all started :) I absolutely still offer one-on-one sessions and I love spending time with photographers individually to make sure all of their photography and/or business needs are met!


And now, at the end of 2015… 29 sessions and 10 cities later, I just wanted to share how truly thankful I am for your support. Either by being one of that group of 100 who has invested and learned with me over the past 3 years, a soon-to-be mentee in 2016, or simply a casual observer- THANK YOU!! I am eternally thankful that you’ve made this wonderful journey possible!

To see some of these beautiful 100 faces I’ve worked with, check out my #dfinneymenteeselfies gallery on instagram :)

I hope you enjoyed this look back! 

Note: Pricing for Group Mentoring sessions* will be modified slightly for 2016, so if you’d like to attend one of the upcoming sessions on the calendar for 2016, please email me ASAP to secure your seat at the current pricing as the new pricing will go into effect on December 21.
*One-on-One pricing will remain the same.

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Till next time,

-Danni  ❤