2019 Business [Photo] Goals + Ideas

This week I've been talking about my difficulty with goals and shared a couple books that have been helpful to me... but I want to expand on that a little.

Along the lines of making steps towards your goals, but not being quite sure how to execute, I want to share a resource to help when it comes to business photos! After all I am a photographer, right? Sidenote: I do want to thank you for allowing me the space to share more than just photos with you :)

One year ago today, I released my FREE GUIDE to Better Brand Photos and it has since taken on a life of its own, with almost 500 downloads! I can't tell you how happy I am that’s been such a helpful resource to those looking to make the most out of their business photos!

But that’s just one piece of what I have for you today- I’m really pumped about today’s post- where you get to see brand photos IN ACTION! I’m talking about websites, podcast graphics, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram profiles, about pages, media features, you name it.

This post is chock full of links to please click away! Each photo is linked to where you can see the images in use online.


I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I visit a website that has beautiful imagery. It immediately makes me want to learn more about the person, service, or product I’m researching! It’s an honor to provide my clients with custom photography to present their brand in a warm and personable manner. Here are just a few of my lovely clients who put their photos to excellent use on their websites!

Jenée Padmore

Tamika Felder

Amber Wright

Naché Snow

Media Features

The perfect accompaniment to your media feature is a great photo!

Dr. Joy Bradford

Arsha & Charles Jones (Capital City Co.)
Black Enterprise

Bio/About PageS

Not every brand’s website lends itself well to using their photos throughout. This is especially the case when it comes to fellow creatives. Their website is to showcase THEIR work, not mine :) But a great photo is always welcome on the about page!

Janelle Jaqueline

Andrea Pippins


Just like an album cover, a great podcast cover can MAKE you want to listen! It’s a true honor to be the photographer for these amazing women entrepreneurs.

Social Media

Of COURSE social media is one of the top things people think about for the use of their photos, but I included it last because there are just way too many to share so I’ll only do a few (each social profile is linked below their name).


Dr. Joy Bradford


Nicole Walters


Stacy Pierce


Alison Hector

That was cool, right!

This was a lot of fun compiling, yet it’s only a very small fraction of the brand photos currently in use!

I wanted to share this because sometimes you can make strides towards a goal you have, but making those last few steps can be daunting when they’re not clear. So... if one of your goals for the new year is to take (or update) your business photos, I got you! Download the brand guide and save this post as a reference for ideas on how you can best use your images once you have them :)

And because I’m in such a sharing mood, I’m going to tell you a secret- if you’ve been thinking about updating your headshots, save the date of February 23, 2019 and sign up for the mailing list ASAP! I’ll be sharing something exclusively with them on Monday :)

Thanks for rocking with me this week, I hope you have a great weekend!