2017 Travel Date Announcements | News & Updates

DFinney Mentoring is back on the road!

Limited travel will resume in 2017 and the following dates have been scheduled:

Dallas, TX
April 14: Group Session 101

Washington, DC
April 29: Group Session 101

Atlanta, GA
May 19: Group Session 101
May 21: Mini Photo Sessions

Brooklyn, NY
June 2: One-on-One Session 102
June 3: Mini Photo Sessions

Charlotte, NC
July 21: Group Session 101
July 22: One-on-One Session 102

Since I will be streamlining my travel this year, if I will be traveling to one city, I won't be visiting nearby major cities. So if you are located in Nashville, Birmingham, New Orleans, Jacksonville, etc... you will want to look at the Atlanta dates if you're interested in working together. Located in Houston, Little Rock, or Oklahoma City? You will want to look at the Dallas dates. And for those in Boston or Philly, the Brooklyn dates. This is of course if you don't mind traveling to DC because I'm always open to working with you guys here at home!

Note: This is not to say that I will not be willing to add additional cities later in the year (possibly LA and Chicago), but to do so, I will need to hear from you :)

Are you interested in a mentoring or photo session? Located in/near one of the above cities?


Those that expressed interest last week were notified of the dates this past weekend, and as a result only a couple seats remain for each of the cities listed. So if you'd like to work together, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I hope you have a great Tuesday