DC 101 Group Session | Washington, DC Photography Instructor

Last, but certainly not least, for today's #TeachingTuesday (in lieu of #MentorMonday ;) is a sweet group mentor session recap from this past summer!

I had such a great time with this group which included one of my former photography clients, one of my former high school teachers, and two amazing ladies who traveled from NJ & NY for the session!

It was a super hot day, but Monique was such a lovely model for us! Can you believe she is only 16 and this was her first time modeling?! She did such an excellent job!

Check out some of my favorites from our session:


What did the attendees think of their session? Hear from them directly on their DFinney Mentoring experience:

"Danielle epitomizes professionalism. It was obvious that she has gone through great lengths to make her clients feel comfortable, while efficiently providing the knowledge and skill sets necessary to be a top-notch photographer."

"The mentor session was great! I felt more confident and educated afterwards. Danni is easygoing and approachable."

"From the minute I met Danni in person I knew it would be an easy day, and it was. Her energy is so sweet and encouraging. She made sure all of her tips were clear and no one left questioning what we learned. Overall I would absolutely recommend the class to anyone needing guidance starting out."

If you would like to have the DFinney Mentoring Experience yourself, check out full details here! New dates and cities are being announced SOON for 2017! If you're interested in attending a session in your city, email me today!