HennaSooq | Washington, DC Business Photographer

Happy Tuesday beautiful people 💚 

Since I'm behind on sharing my recent photos, I've decided that I'm not going to try to blog them in order lol. I will share them little by little and try to align the sessions with the seasons (except for the mentoring recaps- gotta keep those in order!).

Today? I have some goooorgeous photos to share with you!

Recently, I worked with Khadija of HennaSooq to bring to life an idea of hers- combining natural hair, henna, and natural light photography!

We had to reschedule the initial date but it worked out perfectly as that day turned out to be a rainy one and the weather the day of our shoot was beautiful! It was very windy, but it actually ended up working out well as a nice "fan" for the photos :) 

Our models Alexis, Denise, and Lara were absolutely perfect! Hair and makeup were cared for by Denyelle and her awesome assistant Ellis, the henna was by Khadija of course, and I stepped in and put on my styling cap to care for the wardrobe :) This was a true team effort and the results were absolutely wonderful!

Check it out!


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